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iconShould I go out for a walk or play video games? Hmmmm....iconI cant listen to Video Games in class because I'll cry.
iconFootball Family Food... and video games.iconWhy go to work when you can play video games all day
iconToo bad Stock brokers don't play video games. With all the buzz around new releases of CoD and WoW, Activision stock should be $100 today ..iconSuper Nintendo, Sega genesis, when I was dead broke man I couldnt picture this
iconWake up, coffee, work, coffee, work again, coffee, skateboard, eat, video games, sleep... A vicious but lovely cycle!iconSuper Nintendo, sega genesis when I was dead broke man I couldn't picture this!
iconHe says insomnia, I say gaming addiction.. Can't deal with him at times :(iconDISTRESSED CRIES AT KIYEOL PLAYING VIDEO GAMES AS A NSS AGENT
iconSE?GA?iconKazuma in Hot Shots Golf? What about SEGA Racing Transformed?! Damn, I would even take PlayStation All-Stars over Hot Shots...
iconListen to Bang by Rye Rye ft. M.I.A. Dj Sega Philly Club Mix. sooooo sick.iconGod I can't win... Time for sega
iconNitendo 64 was the best game system ."iconThat LL! Game was nothing more than imas cinderella girs combined with Sega's washing machine game
icon...but McLaren were in the running as well for the sponsorship deal. SEGA eventually went with Williams....(2/3)iconWhy does my manger think its ok to call me Genn!?!!! Like STAAHP ?
iconSounds like Wii U owners had a narrow escape.Sega have saved them all from the horror of Alien:Colonial Marine by officially cancelling it.iconNobody talk to me today

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